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About Dwayne

A Life Devoted to Serving God and Others

Dwayne Deskins along with His wife Janna have served the body of Christ in ministry for thirty-five years. He served for ten years as a Youth Pastor, four years as Director of Youth Ministries for thirty Churches in the Northwest, and twenty years as a Senior Pastor.


Dwayne is passionate about building the Kingdom of God through strengthening, encouraging and challenging pastors and church leaders across the nation.


Dwayne’s relentless passion to draw out and empower other leaders to full live the dream that is within them was birthed from His own journey in answering the mandate of the Lord upon his life as a Pastor and leader in the body of Christ. He has drawn on and shares from more than 35 years in ministry and leadership in various positions and venues across the U.S. Healthy relationships, systems and structures flow from him whenever opportunity arises!


He is a trainer, coach and consultant to many pastors and coaches across the nation. His current roles include: Bishop over approximately 30 churches in the Pacific Northwest, Director of the Navigational Pastors Network and the National Men’s Ministry and sitting on the General Council of the Pentecostal Church of God. Dwayne has also been an integral part of the pastoral team for the past fifteen years as well as began serving on the Board of Directors for Capital Christian Center in 2006.

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What People Are Saying

Dwayne Deskins has been a Godsend to our church, my family, and most of all to me. He has walked with me through tough decisions, challenged me to be a better husband, father and friend. My life and my ministry are exponentially better because of Dwayne. His wisdom and friendship have changed my life, and I think he can make an impact on yours too. – Kelly Rhoades

Dwayne Deskins is authentic and caring, he is gifted and anointed, he will actually help you. Each of us has spoken to a person who told us they cared, told us they would assist us, and we knew they could – but somehow it never happened. So, we quit asking. Don’t make that mistake again; let this anointed wonderful servant of Christ bless you and your ministry. He will help you succeed. He will assist in accomplishing your vision. He will be a friend: genuine, caring and supporting. Prayerfully, your ministry will overcome the current obstacles and reach a fruitful harvest. You can make that happen quicker and easier by partnering with Dwayne Deskins. – Charles Scott

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“Dwayne Deskins is the most passionate person I have ever met to serve Pastors. He has a heart to connect Pastors and to help their ministry to grow & be healthy. His influence on my life and our church has been amazing for many years.” Pastor Eddie Jones Christian Life Center Rolla, MO

Our Incredible Family

“I am constantly telling people everywhere I travel that I “Married Up!” Janna has been the most amazing part of who I am throughout my life! We met and grew up together in a small church that we eventually Pastored for nearly 20 years. She is my best friend and life partner. I’m blessed beyond words my this supportive loving beautiful, kind woman I call my wife.Janna and I have 2 amazing and beautiful daughters that are married to 2 equally amazing young men (I finally got my sons). They are both very involved in ministry in their respective churches and loving, serving Jesus together!”